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Reference from our satisfied partners

Ing. Stanislav Puvák, Slovakia:
"We have been already working with company Isokman for a couple of years. Export of our pregnant heifers to Greece, Romania and several parts of Russia helped us to get over a difficult period in cattle breeding and helped us also with cash flow for farm investments. I would like to thank the company for being very correct which was especially important once we were selling 100-120 heads of animals/year. We also cooperate on international training programs of Isokman which is helping promote the Slovak farming abroad."

Ing. Milan Novák, Slovakia:
"We are having very good business relations with company Isokman for more than 5 years. As our company is achieving very good reproduction results, we can sell quite many heifers. Isokman is a great solution for us. Over 250 heifers from our company have been exported abroad with Isokman to Russia, Romania, Mongolia, Turkey."

Ing. Vladimír Chovan, Slovakia:
"If somebody would give me a question, which Slovak business partner belonged to our most important in the past 10 years, I would definitely choose Isokman. We also had business partners with higher business turnover BUT Isokman was able to take us to markets, we would never be able to reach ourselves. Agreed conditions never changed, all payments always arrived to our account. Our cooperation has been very valuable not only for us but for the whole Slovak agriculture."