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Cattle and artificial insemination doses

Export - Import of life cattle

Selection and export of pregnant heifers of breeds: Holstein, Simental to other countries, preferably to Russia and Mongolia is our main business. We have a registered collection - export stables which meets EU standards for export into and outside the European Union. Farm registration number: E-40787, Z-10786. According to the needs of Slovak farmers we arrange the import of breeding cattle of several breeds as well as reproduction analyses, cattle breeding development programs adapted to local conditions in agricultural enterprises.

Artificial insemination doses

Isokman trading export import Ltd. offers:

  • distribution of artificial insemination doses and embryos as well as all technical support
  • mating programs, reproduction analyses

  • Contact:
    Ing. Attila Cirjak, acirjak@isokman.sk,
    mobil: 00421 903 518 020