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Sheep breeding

Tradition / history of sheep breeding

Sheep farming in the Slovak Republic has a long tradition.
Sheep-farming was very spread in the 13th and 14th centuries, especially in the Danube Plain. Sheep farming was moved then to the mountain areas in the 16th century. Wallachian sheep were bred mainly for milk production (production of bryndza cheese and regular cheese) and wool. Such production was different from sheep reared in lower altitudes, where breeding was focused mainly on meat and wool. There was a social group called "Valasi" (Wallachian) population of which was living under the Wallachian law in mountainous Carpathian region. Since the days of colonization until the early 20th century the Wallachian had been the most used breed in our area. Wallachian sheep is popular by breeders for its hardiness, endurance, and great mobility on steep pasture with difficult access.

On our farm Isokman, we are breeding Cigaja sheep and we produce high quality sheep milk.